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Initial import
4 weeks ago
blog Added kivy_memory_image.py example for entry: How to load an image from memory in Kivy 9 years ago
filearchive Removed support for Windows: mcrypt don't work 15 years ago
preminder Added forgotten timer: check if not PPP/PHP Day 16 years ago
weechat Initial release 14 years ago
fox.py Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! 10 years ago
maze.py Added maze.py 16 years ago
rhymes.py Initial import 4 weeks ago
snake.py Fixed typo 13 years ago
sunset-seconds-last-2-days Initial import 2 months ago
swirc.py Clean up. The joining problem depends on IRC server! 16 years ago
tictac.py Fixed small error 16 years ago
trac-wikifileuploader.py Refactored 16 years ago
wikka2doku.py Added support for named links so they will not changed during autolinks creation 16 years ago
wrapsu.py First public import 14 years ago