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# telegram-group2mastodon
telegram-group2mastodon is a Telegram bot to post messages from a Telegram
group to Mastodon. You should only use on public groups and set the bot to be
able to read all the messages.
group to Mastodon. It's written in Go and it is relased under the AGPL3+.
Since the bot must be able to read all the messages you should use it only on
public groups.
**This is still a Work In Progress, please don't use at the moment, since also
documentation is missing.**
## Installation
1. Build the bot (for example if version is v0.1.0 and you are on a unix system):
cd /tmp; GOPATH=/tmp/go go install noa.mornie.org/eriol/telegram-group2mastodon@v0.1.0
You will find the binary at `/tmp/go/bin/telegram-group2mastodon`. You don't
need to set `GOPATH` if you already have it set and you are fine having the
bot installed there.
- [x] Publish text messages from Telegram to Mastodon.
- [x] Handle text > 500 characters (or mastodon instance limit).
- [x] Handle messages with 1 photo and caption.
- [x] Handle messages with multiple photos.
- [x] Add configuration variable to set mastodon message visibility.
- [x] Set the Telegram channel allowed to use the bot: we don't want spam from
someone that just add the bot somewhere.
2. Create your bot using Telegram @BotFather.
3. The bot uses environment variables as configuration, you have to export
the following (except variables with a default) before starting it:
| Variable | Meaning | Default |
| `MASTODON_ACCESS_TOKEN` | Mastodon access token | *N/A* |
| `MASTODON_SERVER_ADDRESS` | Mastodon server address | *N/A* |
| `MASTODON_TOOT_MAX_CHARACTERS` | Toot max lenght | 500 |
| `MASTODON_TOOT_VISIBILITY` | Default toot visibility | unlisted |
| `TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN` | Telegram bot token | *N/A* |
| `TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID` | Telegram alolowed chat id | *N/A* |
| `TELEGRAM_DEBUG` | Debug messages from Telegram | False |
`MASTODON_TOOT_VISIBILITY` allowed values are: `direct`, `private`, `public`
and `unlisted`.
To get `MASTODON_ACCESS_TOKEN` see next point.
4. To get `MASTODON_ACCESS_TOKEN` use the subcommand `authenticate`:
telegram-group2mastodon authenticate
and follow the istructions.
5. Launch the bot:
telegram-group2mastodon run