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dokku apps:create woodpecker-agent

dokku config:set woodpecker-agent --no-restart WOODPECKER_SERVER=woodpecker.web.1:9000
dokku config:set woodpecker-agent --no-restart WOODPECKER_AGENT_SECRET=<secret>

dokku storage:mount woodpecker-agent /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock

git push dokku main:main


Set the agent in the same network of the server:

dokku network:set woodpecker-agent attach-post-create woodpecker-network

and use the container name in WOODPECKER_SERVER variable, so if the dokku app of the server is called woodpecker, you will have to set it to woodpecker.web.1:9000 where woodpecker.web.1 is the default name of the container used by dokku and 9000 is the default port for GRPC.