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Daniele Tricoli ef61b6e66f Bump miniflux to 2.0.32 3 weeks ago
Dockerfile Bump miniflux to 2.0.32 3 weeks ago Add the git push part in the deploy istructions 8 months ago




dokku apps:create miniflux

dokku config:set miniflux --no-restart RUN_MIGRATIONS=1
dokku config:set miniflux --no-restart CREATE_ADMIN=1
dokku config:set miniflux --no-restart ADMIN_USERNAME=admin
dokku config:set miniflux --no-restart ADMIN_PASSWORD=test123

dokku postgres:create miniflux
dokku postgres:link miniflux miniflux

dokku proxy:ports-add miniflux http:80:8080

dokku config:set --no-restart miniflux

git push dokku main:main

dokku letsencrypt miniflux
dokku letsencrypt:cron-job --add miniflux