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Daniele Tricoli 36ac6135ba Add limelight 4 weeks ago
UltiSnips Add a snippet to create a new entry for Zola 5 months ago
after/ftplugin Enable isort 2 months ago
colors Remove trailing spaces 3 years ago
conf.d Use GitFiles when a directory is under git 4 months ago
spell Add italian spelling 7 years ago
.gitignore Ignore view directory 2 years ago
Makefile Set targets as PHONY 2 years ago
coc-settings.json Use Ale to display diagnostic 2 years ago
gvimrc Link vimrc to gvimrc 4 years ago
vimrc Add limelight 4 weeks ago
vimrc.last Fix ALEErrorSign and ALEWarningSign only while using PaperColor 2 years ago