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``django-microcms`` is a minimalistic enhancement of Django flatpages app. It
provides few additional fields and integrates CKeditor.
Assuming that you want to install ``django-microcms`` version 0.2.0:
From a packaged version::
$ pip install http://downloads.mornie.org/django-microcms/django-microcms-0.2.0.tar.gz
From source repository::
$ pip install -e hg+http://hg.mornie.org/django/microcms/@0.2.0#egg=django-microcms
Or download a packaged version from http://downloads.mornie.org/django-microcms/
and and use Python's ``distutils`` to install.
Getting started
Previously you must have correctly set up Django ``flatpages``.
Simply add ``microcms`` to your ``INSTALLED_APPS`` after ``flatpages``.
CKeditor integration
Default settings assumes that CKeditor is available at
``STATIC_URL/ckeditor/ckeditor.js``. You can change it using CKEDITOR_URL in
your settings.py:
CKEDITOR_URL = "path/to/ckeditor.js"
CKEDITOR_URL will be prepended with STATIC_URL so you can use a relative path.
You can need to add some custom css to fix displaying issues or to customize the
admin page. CKeditor kama theme, for example, doesn't look good without a fix,
but a custom css is provided by django-microcms itself: just use
``django-admin.py collectstatic`` to copy it into STATIC_ROOT.
If you want customize just use MICROCMS_CUSTOM_CSS in your settings.py:
MICROCMS_CUSTOM_CSS = ('kama-fix.css',)
Don't forget to use a tuple: this is done to give greater flexibility. Again
values inside MICROCMS_CUSTOM_CSS will be prepended with STATIC_URL.
Thanks for downloading django-microcms.