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A CLI tool to overwrite configuration files using profiles
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A CLI tool to overwrite configuration files using profiles.

The configuration file is parsed using a simplified parser for zeroc configuration.

Only keys in the configuration file are overwritten, if the profile contains a key not present in the configuration file it's ignored.


Given the following configuration file:

❯ cat conf.txt 
Author.Name = eriol
# This comment will be stripped out
Author.Like = rust, python

and the following profile p1.yaml:

# Yes, I like all of them.
Author.Like: rust, python, c++
The.cake.is: a lie # this will be ignored since not in the configuration file

conf-form will produce:

❯ conf-form --config conf.txt --profile p1.yaml 
Author.Name = eriol
Author.Like = rust, python, c++